Market Reports on China

China is among the fastest growing countries (2nd largest economy in the world as per 2014 data) in terms of nominal GDP (gross domestic product).It is also known as the manufacturing capital of the globe as most of the commodities from around the world is produced here in massive quantities. 

Hence, several business categories depend on the smooth functioning of the industries and manufacturing units in China. Both the product and service industries globally runs on the path that is largely laid by China.

Top Reports on China:

 1. China LNG Market Demand & Supply Analysis

China stands among top 15 largest proved natural gas reserves, globally. The Chinese government is spending heavily on exploration and production activities such as 2D and 3D seismic surveys, in order to explore proved reserves and address the growing domestic requirements for natural gas.  Read More


2. Liquid Milk Industry Overview in China

Liquid milk refers to packed dairy products in liquid form. According to definition of International Dairy Federation (IDF), liquid milk is a generic term for dairy products such as pasteurized milk, sterile milk, reconstituted milk and yoghurt.  Read More


3. Debit Cards Usage Analytics

Debit Cards Usage Analytics by Merchant Category: China; is an exhaustive research report outlaying Debit Cards usage in China.  Read More


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